Yang Symposium Banquet, June 17, 2002
Letter from OCPA Honoring Professor Yang
Mine is not a speech. I will not be able to follow the acts of the previous excellent speakers. I will instead be reading a letter, a letter from Professor Tu-nan Chang to Professor Yang.

There is an organization called Overseas Chinese Physics Association. It has about 400 members. The OCPA would very much like to join the celebration to honor Professor Yang on his 80th birthday. Unfortunately, Professor Tu-nan Chang, President of OCPA, is not able to come himself, and he asked me to represent him and OCPA to bring this letter to Professor Yang.

There are many OCPA members in this room. There are also four other members on the OCPA Executive Council (please stand up): Kok-Khoo Phua, Shang-Fen Ren, Wu-Ki Tung and Bingling Young. Representing OCPA, its 400 members, and Professor Tu-nan Chang, the five of us would like to wish Professor Yang a very very happy birthday! Thank you!

Alex Chao

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