By Ya-Qin Zhang, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Asia

Honorable Dr.Yang C .N., Nobel Laureates, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening: First of all, on behalf of Microsoft Corporation, I'd like to extend our welcome to all of you to this very special and unique event. I am deeply honored and privileged to be here and celebrate the 80s birthday of Dr.Yang C.N.

The name of Yang C.N. carries very special meaning for Chinese. Sure, people know him as one of the greatest scientists of our time for his fundamental contributions on the disproof of parity conservation on laws of symmetry, and on Yang-Mill's Gauge theory, also people know him as the first Chinese to win the Nobel price. But more importantly, Yang has become a part of Chinese culture that symbolizes wisdom and patriotism. His legend and legacy has inspired millions of people. He is an icon and role model for all Chinese.

We are entering a very exciting period of time where globalization is making the world a big community that transcends beyond the boundary of nation, religion, and race. Advances in computing, communications, life science, nano-technologies are profoundly changing the way we live, conduct business, and entertain.

Like all the 20th century's most crucial passages, this millennial transition is deeply rooted in physics. While the industrial age emerged from the mastering of atoms, masses, energies of Issac Newton's world, the information age sprang from a practical grasp of the particles and paradox of quantum theory. The laws of physics define the directions of scientific and engineering research, the vectors of growth, the trajectory and limit of technological advances.

Thank you again for your profound contributions to the science, that has made the world more transparent, although less symmetric. Your discovery has furthered our understanding of the universe.

Wish you again, a happy, happy birthday, to honorable Yang: the pride of a nation, the treasure of the world!

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