Report to the Council of the University of Hong Kong
by the Independent Investigation Panel
Date of appointment: 26th July, 2000
Dates of hearing: 2nd, 7th to 11th, 14th to 18th and 21st August, 2000
Date of this Report: 26th August, 2000


Name Position Nomenclature used in this Report
Bacon-Shone John (Dr.) Director of Social Sciences Research Centre Dr. Bacon-Shone
Castro Angela Acting Director of the Social Sciences Research Centre (from about mid-1998 to about mid-1999) Mrs. Castro
Chan Yuen Ying (Professor) Senior Consultant, Journalism and Media Studies Centre;
Director and Professor,
Journalism and Media Studies Centre
Professor Y.Y. Chan
Cheng K.M. (Professor) Pro-Vice-Chancellor,
Chair Professor of Education in the Department of Education
Professor K.M. Cheng
Cheng Yiu Chung (Professor) Vice-Chancellor of the University Vice-Chancellor
Chow S.P. (Professor) Pro-Vice-Chancellor,
Chair Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Professor S.P. Chow<
Chung Ting Yiu Robert (Dr.) Research Officer at the Social Sciences Research Centre ("SSRC");
Head of the Public Opinion Programme ("POP")
Dr. Chung
Davies W.I.R. (Professor) Pro-Vice-Chancellor,
Chair Professor of Periodontology and Public Health in the Faculty of Dentistry
Professor Davies
Kwan Julita Y.K. Senior Assistant Registrar, Vice-Chancellor's Office;
Secretary of Senior Management Team meetings
Mrs. Kwan
Lo Cheung On Andrew Senior Special Assistant in the HKSAR Chief Executive's Office Mr. Lo
Lieh-Mak Felice (Professor) Chairman of the Ad Hoc Group on the Institute for Policies and Strategic Studies Professor Lieh-Mak
Ng Kai W. (Dr.) Acting Director of Social Sciences Research Centre (from mid-1999 to date)
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Statisticsand Actuarial Science
Dr. Ng
Wai Henry W.K. Deputy Registrar (Academic),
Observer at Senior Management Team meetings
Mr. Wai
Wong Siu Lun (Professor) Pro-Vice-Chancellor,
Academic & Student Affairs
Professor S.L. Wong
Wu F.F. (Professor) Pro-Vice-Chancellor,
Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor F.F. Wu