海 外 华 人 物 理 学 会 OCPA
  • Liu, Keh-Fei
    Dept. of Phys. and Astronomy
    University of Kentucky
    Lexington, KY 40506-0055, USA
    E-mail: liu@pa.uky.edu
    Tel: 859-257-4849
    Fax: 859-323-2846

Immediate Past President

  • Chang, Tu-nan
    Dept. of Phys. and Astronomy
    University of So. California
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-0484, USA
    E-mail: tnchang@usc.edu
    Tel: 213-740-1133
    Fax: 213-740-1506

OCPA Executive Council*

  • Vice-President
    PENG, Jen-Chieh
    Department of Physics
    1110 W. Green St., UIUC
    Urbana, IL 61801-3080, USA
    E-mail: jcpeng@uiuc.edu
    Tel: 217-244-6039
    Fax: 217-333-1215

  • Treasurer
    FUNG, Sun-Yiu
    Physics Dept
    U of California
    Riverside , CA 92521 , USA
    E-mail: fung@ucrac1.ucr.edu
    Tel: 949-721-8812

  • Secretary
    TUNG, Wu-Ki Tung
    Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
    E-mail: Tung@pa.msu.edu
    Tel: 517-432-3624
    Fax: 517-355-6661

  • Membership Committee Chair
    REN, Shang-Fen
    Department of Physics
    Illinois State University
    Normal, IL 61790-4560
    E-mail: ren@phy.ilstu.edu
    Tel: 309-438-5246
    Fax: 309-438-5413

  • Communication Committee Chair
    CHEN, Wei
    565 Edmund Terrace
    Paramus, NJ 07652
    E-mail: wchen@rintonpress.com
    Tel: 201-2611-9408

* Other members

Awards Committee Chair (already confirmed, one-year term, (1/1/2003-12/1/2003)

  • NG, Cheuk-Yiu
    Department of Chemistry
    University of California at Davis
    Davis, California 95616, USA
    E-mail: cyng@chem.ucdavis.edu
    Tel: 530-754-9645
    Fax: 530-752-8995

  • Councilor-at-Large (to be confirmed after the General Election):
    CHAN, Moses (Penn State U)
    CHANG, Ngee Pong (CUNY)
    CHAO, Alex (Stanford Linear Accelerator)
    LAM, Chi Sing (McGill U)
    Wong, Cheuk-Yin (Oak Ridge National Lab.)
    WU, Maw-Kuen (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei)
    YANG, Guo-Zhen (Institute of Physics, Beijing)
    YOUNG, Bing Lin (Iowa State U)

  • Editor-in-Chief (to be confirmed after the General Election):
    PHUA, Kok-Khoo (World Scientific & U Singapore)

OCPA Divisional Coordinators:
Accelerator Physics Wu-Tsung William Weng (Brookhaven)
Astrophysics & Gravitation Bei-Lok Hu (U Maryland)
Atomic/Molecular & Chemical Hai-Lung Dai (U Penn)
Biological Physics Terence T.L. Hwa (UC, San Diego)
Computational Science Samuel S. M. Wong (U Toronto)
Condensed Matter Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford)
Fu-Chun Zhang (U Cincinnati)
High-energy Chih-Yung Chien (Johns Hopkins U)
Interdisciplinary Sciences Pisin Chen (Stanford Linear Accelerator)
Nuclear Physics Haiyan Gao (Duke U)
Physicist at Large Julian Chen (IBM)
Plasma Physics Vincent Chan (General Atomics)
Science Education Albert Chang (Purdue U)
Theoretical physics Bambi Hu (Hong Kong Baptist U)

Regional Coordinators:
Mainland China: Luwei Zhou (Fudan U.)
Hong Kong: Hong Ming Lai (Chinese U of HK)
Taiwan: Ting-Kuo Lee (Center Theoretical Sciences)
Europe: Meng Ta-Chung (Frie University, Berlin)
Canada: Wing-Ki Liu (U Waterloo)
East coast: Xiangdong Ji (U Maryland)
Southeast: Yee Jack Ng (U North Carolina)
Midwest: Wai Mo Suen (Washington U)
West Coast: Zhirong Huang (Stanford Linear Accelerator)

Short CV of the OCPA Officers, Councilors and Coordinators for 2003-2004:

Moses H. W. Chan
Evan Pugh Professor of Physics, Penn State U. Born in Xi-an, Shensi, China in '46, grew up in Hong Kong. Ph.D., Cornell University, '74. Penn State faculty '79-present. Guggenheim Fellow '86. Fritz London Prize '96. Member, National Academy of Sciences, 2000. specialty: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.

Vincent Chan
B.S. '72 & Ph.D. '75, U Wisconsin-Madison. Joined the Fusion Group at General Atomics in San Diego, CA as a res. scientist in theor. & computational studies of magnetic fusion plasmas. Now Director, Theory and Computational Science Div responsible for fusion and fundamental plasma theory & modeling, and high performance computer simulations. Fellow APS (1988); Secretary & Treasurer, Div Plasma Physics, APS (1999-present).

Albert M. Chang
Prof. of Physics, Purdue Univ. '97-present; Member of Technical Staff, Bell Lab. '84-97; BS MIT '77; Ph.D. Princeton '83; Postdoc Princeton '82-84; APS Fellow; Research Interest: Chiral Luttinger liquids at the Fractional Quantum Hall Edge, Quantum Dots, Two-Impurity Kondo Problem, Scanning Microscopy, Ultra-Thin Gate Dielectrics for SiMOSFET's, Nanosience and Nanophysics.

Ngee-Pong Chang
Born in Singapore '40; B.A. Ohio Wesleyan '59; Ph.D. Columbia '63; Postdoc: Inst Adv Studies, Princeton '63-'64, Rockefeller '64-65; Prof. CUNY '65-present; Chair, OCPA '91-'92 & '97-'98; Fellow APS; Fellow, Japan Soc. Prom Science. Research Interest: Particle theory, dynamical symmetry breaking, hot QCD, neutrino oscillation.

Tu-nan Chang
Prof. & Chair, Dept. Phys & Astr, Univ So. Cal; APS Fellow; B.S. Tunghai U. '66; Ph. D. U. Calif. Riverside '72; Postdoc, UCR '72-'73, U. Chicago '73-'75; Faculty at USC since '75. President, Academic Senate, USC '94-'96; President, Chinese Amer Faculty Assoc of So. Calif. '96-97; Awards: Raubenheimer Disting'd Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, Teaching, and Service at USC; Achievement Award, Chinese Amer Faculty Assoc So. Calif.; Research: Multi-electron interactions in atomic processes.

Alexander W. Chao
B.S. '70, Tsing-Hua Univ., Hsin-Chu, Taiwan; Ph.D. '74, State Univ. of New York at Stony Brook; Postdoc, staff, beam dynamics group leader, 1974-84, SLAC; Accel. Phys. Division head 1984-89, SSC Central Design Group; Accel. Phys. Group leader and Asso. Project Manager 1989-93, SSC Laboratory; Professor 1994-, Stanford Univ. Fellow, American Physical Society; Chair, APS Division of Physics of Beams, 1998-2000; Academician, Academia Sinica, 2002.

Julian Chen
Ph.D. in physics, Columbia University, 1985. Research Staff, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, 1985-2001. Senior Technical Staff and Team Lead for Worldwide Speech Synthesis Research and Development, IBM, 2001-current. Outstanding Translated Science Book Award from National Bureau of News and Publications, China, for "Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy", 1997. Outstanding Innovation Award from IBM for Mandarin Speech Recognition, 1998. Research fields: nanometer-scale quantum mechanics, acoustics of human speech.

Pisin Chen
B.S. Phys, Nat'l Taiwan U, Taipei, Ph.D. in theor part phys, UCLA in 1983. Currently a physicist at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford U. Elected a Fellow of the APS in the Beam Physics Division in 1995. He is the recipient of the Fourth Prize in the 1995 Essay Competition on Gravitation, awarded by the Gravity Research Foundation.

Wei Chen
Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Fudan Univ., 1987. Research in field theories from 87'-'97 in following institutions: Inst. for High Energy Physics, Beijing, Univ. Utah, Univ. Brit. Columbia, Univ. of North Carolina, and Univ. of California, Davis. Currently the Chief Editor at Rinton Press, Princeton.

Chih-Yung Chien
Experimental Particle Physics. B.S. Taiwan University, 1960; Ph.D, Yale University, 1966.UCLA, 1966-69, Johns Hopkins University 1969- present. Professor, 1977- present. Program Director, NSF, 1985-86; Founding Dean of Science, 1988-89, Founding Pro-Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, 1989-92, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Hai-Lung Dai
BS '74 Nat. Taiwan U., PhD '81 UC Berkeley. Postdoc '81-'84 MIT. Since '84, at the U. of Pennsylvania and appointed as Hirschmann and Makineni Professor of Chemistry from '03. Fellow of APS. Recipient of Sloan Fellowship, Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award, Coblentz Award in Spectroscopy, Humboldt Fellowship and Guggenheim Fellowship. Research interests: laser spectroscopy, photochemistry, molecular energy transfer, surface and colloidal science, and nonlinear optics.

Sun-Yiu Fung
B.Sc., U of San Francisco, 1957; Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1964. 1964, Res Assoc, Lawrence Berkeley Lab; 1964-1966, Res Assoc, Rutgers - the State University; 1966-1970, Asst Prof, 1970-1976, Assoc Prof, 1976-1994, Prof, UC Riverside, Prof Emeritus, 1994- present. Chairman, UC Riverside, 1979-80, 81-85, 90-91.

Haiyan Gao
Associate Professor Duke '02 - present; Associate Professor MIT '02 - present; Assistant Prof. MIT, '97-'02; B.S. Tsinghua Univ. '88; Ph.D. Caltech '94; Postdoc: Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, '94-'96; Assistant Physicist, Argonne Nat'l Lab., '96-'97; Award: DOE Outstanding Junior Faculty Investigator Award, 2000; Research Interest: Experimental intermediate energy nuclear physics, especially nucleon structure studies using polarization degrees of freedom, QCD degrees of freedom in exclusive nuclear processes, polarized gas target development, search for neutron electric dipole moment.

Tao Han
Prof. of Physics at Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison '98-present; assistant and associate prof. at UC-Davis '93-'97; postdoc fellow at Fermilab '90-'93; PhD '90 from UW-Madison; Lecturer at Nankai Univ. '83-85; MS '83 from Nankai Univ. Awards: H.I. Romnes faculty fellow at UW-Madison; Research Committee Awards at UC-Davis '93-'97; SSC National fellow '92. Research interests: theoretical particle physics; high energy phenomenology.

Bambi Hu
Head and Chair Professor of Physics, Hong Kong Baptist University; and Professor of Physics, University of Houston. Director of Centre for Nonlinear Studies. B.A., University of California at Berkeley; M.S. and Ph.D., Cornell University. Specialty: statistical and nonlinear physics.

Bei-Lok Hu
Professor of Physics, University of Maryland. Ph. D 1972 in Theoretical Physics, Princeton University. Postdoctoral research ('72-'79): Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara. Honorary Fellow, Harvard '79. On the faculty of University of Maryland since 1980. Dyson Visiting Professor, IAS '94. APS Fellow. Research on Gravitation and Cosmology, Early Universe Quantum Processes; Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime, Nonequilibrium Statistical Field Theory.

Zhirong Huang
Born in Beijing, China, Huang studied at Beijing Univ. and graduated at Cal Tech, 1992, received his Ph.D. in beam physics from Stanford Univ. in 1998. Recipient of 1999 APS Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research Award in Beam Physics. Huang joined the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne Nat. Lab. in 1998 and is currently a physicist at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. His research interests are in free-electron lasers, beam cooling and instabilities in accelerators.

Terence Hwa
Prof. of Physics, UC San Diego; Theoretician with interest in biological physics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter phys, and nonlinear dynamics; BS, phys, bio and electrical engineering, Stanford U., '86; Ph.D. MIT '90; Post-doctoral research, Harvard '90-'93; APS LeRoy Apker Award, '86; OCPA Outstanding Young Researcher Award '93; Sloan Fellow, '94-'99; Guggenheim Fellowship, '99-'00; Chinese Ministry of Education Chang-Jiang chair professor, '02.

Hong-Ming Lai
Professor (Reader) in Physics Department, Chinese Univ of HK. Education: BSc, Chinese U HK '67, Ph.D. in Theor Plasma Physics, Dartmouth '71. Research interests: EM radiation and its interaction with matter, electrodynamics and plasma physics

Chi-Sing Lam
Ernest Rutherford Professor of Physics. Born in Hong Kong '36; B.Sc.'58 McGill; PhD M.I.T.'63; Postdoc: Univ. Maryland '63-65; Faculty: McGill Univ. '68-present; Dept Chair '76-'79; Leo-Yaffe teaching award, '90; Acting Editor, Assoc Editor, Canadian Jour. Phys. '73-'80; Editorial Board, International Journal of Modern Physic and Modern Physics Letters A, '99-present; Chairman, Particle Phys. Div., Canadian Association of Physicists '75-76; Chair, OCPA, '95-'96; Field of Interest: high energy physics.

Ting-Kuo Lee
B.Sc National Taiwan Univ. '71; Ph.D. Brown University '76; Postdoc: CCNY and ITP, UC Santa Barbara, '75-'81; Faculty: Virginia Poly. Inst., '81-'97; Inst. of Physics, Acad. Sinica, Taiwan '96-present Physics Division Head, National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Hsinchu, Taiwan. '97-present. Condensed-matter theorists, high Tc superconductivity; protein structure and folding.

Keh-Fei Liu
Born in Beijing '47. B.S., Tunghai Univ '68; Ph D SUNY-Stony Brook '75. Saclay '74-'76; UCLA '76-'81; Faculty, Univ. of Kentucky '81-present. Alexander von Humboldt awardee, 1990; Research Prof. Award, 1993; Fellow, APS. Specialty: Large Scale Lattice Gauge Simulation of QCD, Hadron Physics, Solitons, Many Body Theory, and Monte Carlo Algorithm.

Wing-Ki Liu
Born in Hong Kong '50; BS, Univ. Illinois '71; Ph.D., Univ. Illinois '75; Currently Professor of Physics, Univ. of Waterloo. Visiting appointments at Univ. of Newcastle, U.K. '89-'90, '95-'96, Inst. of Atomic and Mol. Sciences, Acad. Sinica, Taiwan in '96, '97, and '98, Hunan Normal University in '99, Chinese University of Hong Kong in '02. Research in Molecular collision theory, laser-molecule interaction, particle-surface interaction.

Ta-Chung Meng
Date of Birth: 30th May, 1935, Place of birth: Peking, China Education: B.Sc.(Taipei), Dipl.Phys.(Frankfort/M),Dr.rer.nat.(Mainz) Present position: Univ.-Prof. Free University-Berlin Research area: Theoretical High Energy Physics

Cheuk-Yiu Ng
Professor Above Scale at UC Davis (2001-), Disting'd Prof of Chemistry at Iowa State U (1977-2001), graduate of the Chinese U of Hong Kong (BS) and UC Berkeley (PhD). Research interest: Reactivities and Spectroscopy of molecular ions and radicals using laser and synchrotron photoionization, molecular beam, and mass spectrometric techniques. Fellow of the APS. Editor-in-chief of the Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry (World Scientific), editor of Wiley Series in Ion Chemistry and Physics (Wiley), and member, editorial board of the J. Chem. Phys. of the AIP (1996-1998).

Yee Jack Ng
B.A., Univ. California Berkeley, Ph.D. Harvard Univ. Research Associate: Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton, SLAC, Stanford. Alfred P. Sloan Fellow. University favorite faculty award ('00, '02); "R&D star to watch", Industry Week magazine ('01). Present Position: Professor of Physics, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Research interests: theoretical particle physics, field theory, gravitation and cosmology, statistical physics.

Jen-Chieh Peng
Born in Guangdong, China '49; B.S., Tunghai Univ. 1970; Ph.D, Univ. of Pittsburgh, '75; Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Illinois 2002-present; Los Alamos National Lab 1978-2001; Laboratory Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab, 1996; APS Fellow, 1993; Research interest: Experimental nuclear and particle physics.

Kok-Khoo PHUA
President, S.E. Asia Theoretical Phys Association, Trustee, Mathematical Sciences Res. Institute, UC Berkeley, Council Member, Asia Pacific Ctr for Theoretical Phys, Member, Working Group on Communi-cations in Phys, IUPAP, Chairman, World Sci. Pub. Co Pte Ltd/Imperial College Press, U of London, UK. Prof, Dept of Phys, Nat'l U of Singapore (on leave).

Shang-Fen Ren
B.S., Peking Univ., Ph. D. Texas A&M Univ. (1986). Lecturer, Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China (77-81), Res. Asso. UIUC (81-83), Res. phys., UIUC (86-94), Faculty, Ill. State Uni. (94-present). Int. Rel. Com. of AWIS (1995-2000); Com. of Int. Sci. Aff. of APS (1998-2000). Research Interest: theo. modeling of semicond. nanostructures. Honor: APS fellow (2001).

Zhi-Xun Shen
B.S. Fudan Univ., 83, M.S. Rutgers 85, Ph. D. Stanford, 89. Research Associate, Stanford, 89-90; Acting Ass. Prof. of EE, Stanford, 91-92; Ass. Prof. of Appl. Phys. and SSRL, 91-96; Asso. Prof. of Phys., Appl. Phys. and SSRL, 96 -. Sloan Fellow, 93; NSF Young Investigator Award, 93; Outstanding Young Researcer Award, OCPA, 93; Materials Science Research Award for Outstanding Scientifiec Accomplishment in SSP, DOE, 94. Research interest: electronic structure of highly correlated materials, including the high-temperature superconductors, the Mott insulators, magnetic materials and heavy fermion compounds.

Wai-Mo Suen
B.Sc. Chinese U HK '78, M.Ph. Chinese U HK '80, Ph. D. Cal Tech '85; Prof of Theoretical Physics, Phys Dept and McDonnel Center for Space Sciences, Washington U; and Visiting Prof. Chinese U of Hong Kong; Director, Center for Large Scale Computation (CLC) at the Chinese U of Hong Kong; Recipient of the 1995 OCPA Outstanding Young Researcher Award.

Wu-Ki Tung
Current position: Professor at Michigan State Univ. B.S. Nat.Taiwan Univ. '60; Ph.D. Yale'66; Postdoc at Stony Brook and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; Previous Faculty positions: Univ. of Chicago, Illinois Inst. Tech.; Research interest: theory and phenomenology of quantum Chromodynamics; Fellow, APS; Founder and co-Spokesman (1991 - 2001) of CTEQ, a large QCD Collaboration of 25 high energy theorists and experimentalists around the US.

Wu-Tsung, Bill, Weng
Born '44 in Taiwan. BSEE, Taiwan Univ. '66; MS, Tsing Hua Univ, '68, Ph.D. Phys. SBU '74. U of Arizona '74-76, BNL '77-83, SLAC '83-87, Senior Physicist at BNL since '87. Booster Project head, '87-90, Accelerator Division head, '90-94, Chair of PAS&T Committee of NPSS/IEEE, '90-'94, Chair of PAC Conf. '99, Senior Team Leader of SNS Project Ring system, '96-'02, Center of Accelerator Physics head, '02-. Y.T. Lee Foundation Scholarship, '95. APS Fellow, IEEE Senior member. Specialty, Accelerator Physics, nonlinear dynamics, space charge effect, high power Proton Synchrotron.

Cheuk-Yin Wong
Born in Guangdong '41, grew up in Hong Kong; B.A. Princeton '61, Ph.D. Princeton '66. Fellow, American Phys Soc '78. Physicist, Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab '66-present, Niels Bohr Inst, Copenhagen '68-'69, M.I.T. '82-'83, Inst Nucl Studies, U of Tokyo '88; Hon Prof Phys, China Inst of Atomic Energy '96; President, OCPA '99-'00; Specialty: theoretical nuclear physics.

Samuel Shaw Ming Wong
Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Toronto; B.A., Interna'l Christian Univ., Tokyo; M.Sc., Purdue Univ., Ph.D., Univ. of Rochester; Author of 5 books and over 90 papers in nuclear and computational physics.

Maw-Kuen Wu
Ph.D. Physics, U of Houston '81. Currently, Director, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei; Professor Phys and Chairman, Research & Development Council, Nat'l Tsing Hua U, Taiwan; Nat'l Acad Sci Comstock Prize (with C. W. Chu) '88; State of Alabama Resolution '88; U of Alabama Outstanding Research Award '88; Bernd T. Mattias Prize (with C.W. Chu and B. Raveau) '94; Y.T. Lee Outstanding Scientist Award '95; elected to Member of Academia Sinica '98.

Guozhen Yang
Professor and Former director of Institute of Physics, Beijing, Vice-President of Chinese Physical Society and IUPAP. Born in Jiangsu, China; graduated from Peking Univ. '65; worked in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, 1966-present; Research in Dept. of Phys. U C Berkeley, 1983, Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard Univ. '84. Speciality: optical physics and condensed matter physics."

Bing-Lin Young
B.S. National Taiwan Univ, 1959; Ph.D. Univ of Minnesota, 1966; Research Associate, Indiana Univ and Brookhaven National Lab., 1996-70; Assistant to Full Professor, Iowa State Univ. 1970 - present; OCPA: Vice Chair, 1991-92; Chair, 1993-94; Member of the Executive Council 1995-2000, Councilor-at-Large 2001-2002.

Luwei Zhou
Prof. of Physics & Dean of Graduate School, Fudan U.; BS Fudan, '77; Ph. D. Temple U. '86; Postdoc. UCLA '86-88; Faculty at Fudan since '88; Chair, Physics, Fudan, '97-00; Editor Board , Chinese J. Low Temp. Physics; Member, Special Comm. of Low Temperature Physics, Chinese Physical Society; Specialty: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.

E-mail addresses:
Moses Chan chan@phys.psu.edu
Vincent Chan chanv@fusion.gat.com
Albert Chang yingshe@physics.purdue.edu
Ngee-Pong Chang npccc@scisun.sci.ccny.cuny.edu
Tu-Nan Chang tnchang@usc.edu
Alexander Chao ACHAO@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Pisin Chen chen@slac.stanford.edu
Wei Chen wchen@rinton.com
Chih-Yung Chien chien@jhu.edu
Hai-Lung Dai dai@sas.upenn.edu
Sun-Yiu Fung fung@ucrac1.ucr.edu
Haiyan Gao gao@tunl.duke.edu
Tao Han than@pheno.physics.wisc.edu
Bambi Hu bhu@hkbu.edu.hk
Bei-Lok Hu hub@physics.umd.edu
Zhirong Huang zrh@slac.stanford.edu
Terence Hwa hwa@matisse.ucsd.edu
Hong-Ming Lai hmlai@cuhk.edu.hk
Chi-Sing Lam lam@hep.physics.mcgill.ca
Ting-Kuo Lee tklee@phys.sinica.edu.tw
Keh-Fei Liu liu@pa.uky.edu
Wing-Ki Liu wkliu@uwaterloo.ca
Ta-Chung Meng meng@physik.fu-berlin.de
Cheuk-Yiu Ng cyng@chem.ucdavis.edu
Y. Jack Ng yjng@physics.unc.edu
Jen-Chieh Peng jcpeng@uiuc.edu
K.K. Phua kkphua@wspc.com.sg
Shang-Fen Ren ren@phy.ilstu.edu
Zhi-Xun Shen zxshen@stanford.edu
Wai-Mo Suen wms@wugrav.wustl.edu
Wu-Ki Tung Tung@pa.msu.edu
Wu-Tsung Weng weng@bnl.gov
Cheuk-Yin Wong wongc@ornl.gov
Samuel S. M. Wong swong@physics.utoronto.ca
Maw-Kuen Wu mkwu@phys.sinica.edu.tw
Guozhen Yang yanggz@aphy.iphy.ac.cn
Bing-Lin Young young@iastate.edu
Luwei Zhou lwzhou@fudan.ac.cn

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